• These lemon raspberry muffins are great for breakfast or brunch. Make a batch on the weekend, wrap them individually and you have healthy muffins for the week.

  • For a delicious high-protein breakfast or brunch, try this easy smoked salmon breakfast recipe. This healthy egg recipe is just 205 calories per serving.

  • Tired of breakfast from a box? Try a homemade cereal. Mix oats, almonds and cranberries for a healthy, traditional Swiss muesli, an energizing cereal that will jump start your day.

  • These healthy, cholesterol-free deviled eggs use avocado instead of mayo for a creamy texture. Add fresh lime juice for that extra kick of delicious flavor. Yes, it's green.

  • If your kids like peanut butter cups, they will love this yummy chocolate and peanut butter smoothie, and so will you. Keep frozen bananas on hand to whip up this quick breakfast treat or snack.

  • When you crave something sweet, try this easy fruit salad that is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. This low-calorie fruit salad can double as a quick, healthy snack or yogurt topping.

  • Try this fat free fruit smoothie for breakfast instead of coffee or with lunch instead of a soda. This high protein, low calorie smoothie recipe is heart healthy and gluten-free.

  • Get your morning going with this low fat fruit smoothie bursting with flavor. Loaded with vitamin C, protein and calcium, this low calorie smoothie is a healthy alternative to coffee.

  • Frittata is an Italian version of an omelette. This healthy recipe for asparagus cheese frittata is a perfect vegetarian recipe for brunch or lunch. Pair this popular egg recipe with a salad for a low...

  • Try this heart healthy smoothie packed with protein, fiber and a serving of fruit.

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